Industry Insights

Market Trends

Unlock visibility into relevant trends. Regional reports with anonymized data help you understand the broader market performance.

Market Insights

Reports built for the trailer market allow you to drill down and gain insight into shifts in specific categories. No more vague or undefined reports that leave you guessing.

Actionable Knowledge

Utilize reports on trends and insights to understand how to take proactive actions. Order the appropriate units and volume and drive efficiency and profit.

About NATDAii

NATDA™ is proud to provide the trailer industry with market reports and insights through NATDA™ industry insights (NATDAii). This powerful and industry-specific program can provide meaningful value to reduce unknowns and increase your dealership’s profits by unlocking relevant and meaningful market intelligence. All participating dealers must share data (by connecting inventory and management systems) as a requirement to access NATDAii reporting. All data is secure and anonymized and remains the property of your dealership. Learn more about the NATDAii program below or sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is My Data Used?

Rest assured, all data shared is strictly used as required to compile and generate anonymized market reports. We understand the importance of your dealership’s information and ensure the utmost security and privacy in our data handling processes.


Yes! Data is securely hosted and maintained to the Soc2 standard.

who owns my data?

You retain full ownership of your dealerships data. Your individual data will not be shared outside of being utilized to compile broader market reports which are anonymized and generalized (grouped and redacted).

How are geographical regions determined?

Geographical regions are currently broken into five groups across North America.

what is the cost and requirements?

Participating in the NATDAii program is a breeze. There is no cost to you as a dealership. As part of the simple signup process, you just need to grant permissions and provide the necessary support or authorizations to connect your systems. Systems may include IMS (website inventory manager), Google Analytics, CRM, and DMS. 

How do i signup?

All you need to do to get started is complete the form below.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Participants may opt-out at any time. To opt-out, complete the form at the following link. Opt-out here

How Often Will I Receive Reports?

Starting in January 2025, reports will be shared quarterly and annually. You must opt-in and maintain program compliance for at least six months before receiving access to your first report.

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